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Why i sell undies

So i have recently embarked on a new adventure with Intimo a beautiful business to be partnered with, Intimo represent such amazing causes. I really love that fact this company is about women and making them feel good, confident and sexy. When purchasing a bra from intimo each bra comes with a breast aware breast check… Read More Why i sell undies

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What a whirlwind month

The past month has been such a whirlwind in this house. We have been busy homeschooling by following our cirriculum by Complete Education Australia further information can be found here . My kids ages 7 and 11 are working at an adjusted learning level i like to call it. They are not working at there… Read More What a whirlwind month

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punching bags

Maybe you have been or maybe your the boxer Have you coped the brunt of someone bad day or problem. Well it ain’t right. I have seen this first hand all too often. We know everyone has problems but for people to run along and throw out verbal spew to the first person in their… Read More punching bags


bloody teeth

So yesterday i had 2 teeth pulled out, one that was a broken bugger and another was a stinking wisdom tooth. I went to a uni dental clinic my teeth sure gave the poor student a work out. She was so lovely and patient and gentle, had the perfect beside manor. I was trying to… Read More bloody teeth